The Lies That We Te...
By emliarad
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COMPLETED ❝It's not meaningless if he has the power to break your heart into a thousand pieces❞ When Quentin Adams realizes that his best friend wouldn't return to his feelings, he knows that it's time to move on. The new handsome student with attitude problems should be the last person to help with that but it doesn't stop him from being with him. Together they start something that means more to him than he ever thought was possible. Theodore Peterson has always been sure that he's straight. Being raised by a homophobic father, he knows that getting involved with Quentin wasn't acceptable. Still, the past is hard to remember when all he could think about is that red-haired boy and the way he makes him feel. This is a spin-off to The Truths That We Hide but it can be read as a standalone-book.


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The Lies...
by emliarad