I Can Make You Sin
By salorahsam
  • Fantasy
  • demons
  • devil
  • fantasy
  • god
  • heaven
  • hell
  • king
  • lucifer
  • underworld


WHAT HAVE I DONE?! This is an irreversible mistake! Now I'm trapped with the devil himself. Like, literally! Year- 2134. The world is all techy and developed . But, what about above and below the world? Are they still the same? Heaven is like an evergreen tree. It never changes, it's always the same, but I can't say the same for Hell. Lucifer was defeated in the year 2100 in a battle for his throne. Who knew someone even more powerful than Lucifer other than God could even exist? Coming to Blythe, the saying, 'Curiosity killed the cat' is well suitable for her. Blythe Ophaylis was an ordinary woman until she became desperate to meet God, performed a ritual, and offered to do anything that would help God. Now, here she is, stuck with the King of Devils, King Demostovatino.

Chapter 1

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I Can Mak...
by salorahsam