The Lies We Told On...
By CarpeDiemWrite
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"She wasn't supposed to be here. She wasn't supposed to see my name on the list of effed up teens. She was not supposed to see my faults. And she, nor anyone else in my life, was supposed to know my story." ~~~ "I never thought he would be there. Sitting beside me, leg shaking, his once flirtatious eyes were now rimmed with tears. Bad boy quarterbacks were not supposed to spend their Thursday nights at group therapy ~~~~ A popular quarterback and notorious goody-two-shoes meet at a teen mental health support group. A support group both adolescents try hard to keep a secret. Levi is the school's quarterback, he's a stereotypical quarterback, except a bit dumber and a lot richer. His peers peg him as a self-centered jerk. Except the only thing he's ever done for himself included razors and a letter. Emery is the school's notorious good girl with her never-ending straight A's , constant grin, and flawlessly planned out future. However, her flawless future does not include a includes being less than a size zero. But it's hard to see her struggle behind all her school success. ~~~ This story is to bring awareness to the stigma and misconceptions about mental illnesses and who can and cannot have one. I'm very excited! Also, due to shorter chapters, I'll update them in pairs (possibly twice a week.) But for sure I will update either Friday around noon or Saturday mornings


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The Lies...
by CarpeDiemWrite