Nowhere Nation [#SF...
By AbbyBabble
  • Science Fiction
  • adventure
  • aliens
  • borg
  • disability
  • epic
  • galactic
  • genius
  • giant
  • group
  • hive
  • interstellar
  • magic
  • megaman
  • mobbing
  • mutants
  • mutegirl
  • powers
  • rebel
  • series
  • slavetrade
  • space
  • spacetravel
  • superpowers
  • technology
  • telepathy


Thomas has a rare mutation. He's dying and he can't walk, but he can absorb a lifetime of knowledge within minutes. Alexander, the Giant, is capable of smashing entire cities. But their enemies are even more capable. Galactic leaders command trillions of telepaths who own everything in the known universe, including countless planets and alien slaves. The telepaths have launched an armada with nuclear warheads. They've alerted everyone in the Megacosm to destroy Alex, and to seize his allies as prisoners--especially Thomas. Even worse: The telepaths are going to enslave Earth. And their leaders include the Upward Governess, an obese teenager widely revered as the smartest person in the known universe. She commands armies, and she's willing to commit atrocities for a chance to defeat Thomas and reclaim the medicine they both need in order to survive to adulthood. The most brilliant, powerful, and ruthless warriors in the galaxy are about to collide. ✴ Book 3 of a series. It's probably best to start with "City of Slaves." ✴ Exclusive to Wattpad. Cover Art by Wenjuinn Png. Used with artist's permission.


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Nowhere N...
by AbbyBabble