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"It's fun to pretend you're someone you're not, and doing it Online makes it easier." --- Seo Yina would like to call herself fun and carefree, but when something tragic happens in her life, she moves house and decides to download a dating app - less for the dating, more for the friendships (as she would say) - to take a break from reality. On the app she meets eight guys, each being so different yet so alike, which leads to Yina developing a great friendship with them all. As time goes by, Yina starts to realise that maybe friendship wasn't enough for her and one of these guys, but there was something she didn't know. Each person had a dark past and they were not as pure as they seemed. As Yina starts to figure out what's going on with them all, she thinks maybe she shouldn't have trusted them at all in the first place. •Dating App AU --- [[started: 3/6/18]] • Ateez/KQ Fellaz fanfic


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