Cursed: The Beginni...
By NiveditasDiary
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Genre: Horror / Mystery 'Sometimes It's Better To Keep Things Untouched' ☠️ Book 1 in 'Cursed' series A perfect beach trip. A mesmerising emerald stone. It looked so hypnotic and beautiful. It's just a stone, right? What could go wrong? What John didn't know was that his innocence was just the beginning of their ends. And whom does the whispers belong to that keeps echoing in John's head? Since the day John brought the stone home, eerie and creepy things began happening and even the deaths in his family. Is that all just a coincedence? And whom does the shadow belongs to that John keeps seeing? John, his sister, Hannah, and their friend, Emily, had to act fast before the curse gets them. Will they be able to solve the mystery of the curse before it's too late? And who are the mutilated creatures following John around?

Chapter 1: All set to go

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Cursed: T...
by NiveditasDiary