The Third Wheel (mx...
By hasnoshamexx
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WARNING: this is a BxB story, so there's gonna be detailled s*xual scenes between MEN (polyamorous relationship). Not your cup of tea? = you might want to try and read something else. R-Rated for pretty obvious reasons. I also have absolutely no tolerance for homophobic, racist, or hateful comments. Now, let's begin with the fun part ~ They often say three is a bad number. One feels left off. This is precisely what happened to the three childhood friends, Darren, Kyle and Nate. They used to hang out together but Darren and Nate somehow got closer and Kyle started having difficulties hiding his jealousy. Until one night, after a tragic mistake, Kyle is left on his own while the others two keep having their fun. Now, ten years later, Darren and Nate are happily mated and they both rule the Ravenstgh pack. Kyle, on the other side, has become a cruel, cold version of the lively teen he used to be. He is the very aggressive beta of the Ravenstgh pack, a powerful warrior no one really likes. A tiny part of him still feels undesired feelings for Darren and Nate but his love is one-sided and hopeless, because Kyle cannot possibly get close to anyone. Not if he wants to keep hidden the secret that is slowly destroying him. *English is not my mothertongue so I will do my best but if there's any mistakes, kindly point them out ! * Last warning... serious kinky sh*t coming. Thanks! Hope you like it. Love, love, love Art cover: @its_just_a_lovestory * PARTIALLY UNEDITED

WARNING - Please read

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The Third...
by hasnoshamexx