The girl in my drea...
By Daisy_Rosaly
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Not a normal teenfiction! Book has a special plot twist. Brandon is 18 when this dreams start. Every night he dreams about a girl with piercing green eyes and golden brown hair.He only sees flashes of her, brief glimpses and each time his eyes open to the rising sun, peeking through the curtains, he is left to wonder : Who is she ? Why does he dream about her ? But even more questions arise when he finally meets her due to simple coincidence. Or was it something more than that? ___________________________________________ Do you know that feeling you have when you find yourself in a situation where you're not sure anymore of what is real and what an illusion, what really happened and what didn't, where you actually doubt your howle existence? My story isn't the typical teenager meets girl and is happy for the rest of its life-story. Well it started like one of these but the end... ? I mean I will tell my story and you will see for yourself what I'm trying to say.

What a dream

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The girl...
by Daisy_Rosaly