The Sun and The Moo...
By slowly-going-crazy
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We entered the living room and I looked up to see Hitoshi standing there. Our cheeks were both tinted red, but gradually got deeper as we looked at each other. Hitoshi had cleaned up pretty well. It was simple. A button up white shirt, jeans, his regular shoes, and he hadn't touched his hair at all. Me? I was dressed in a black dress with red roses on the end. I had put on a bit of makeup, and I had my hair loose which was a new sight for him to see. I wore simple white socks and a pair of black flats. Nothing to casual, but nothing to fancy. Hitoshi blinked quickly before rubbing the back of his neck with a smile on his lips, "Y-you look nice, Kaede," He informed.

Kaede Hikawa

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The Sun a...
by slowly-going-crazy