Pastries for Her.
By Roman_renegade
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"Would you like some cupcakes, M'lady?" "No." "A cheese cake, maybe?" "Nope." "A pastry then?" "Fuck off!" _______________________________________ When Valerie Donovan, the young daughter to the most powerful underworld lead, takes over her Father's role in the Mafia, she couldn't help but commence farther crimes than her father in his past age. She is ruthless, short-tempered and way more scarier than her Father and Tyrannosaurus combined. Kandy Karter, one might confuse his name for a pretty lady but in reality, he is one hot goofy baker man. He inhales optimism and exhales every sourness in the world. In the busy streets of New York, he owns a Patisserie and has mastered his art in culinary. He is all about 'Making and Baking.' When Valerie's soon to be sister-in-law, Juliet, drags her to choose the dessert and cake for the upcoming ceremony, Valerie is anything but content about it. She hates everything that involves sugar. But when Valerie crosses path with Kandy Karter looking hot in his pink apron, she realises that her hatred for Kandy is more than that for Sugar. (Note : Contains MAJOR SPOILER for my other book 'LEGIT', please read at your own risk)

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by Roman_renegade