Bakugou in a new wo...
By Gelatina_Elemente
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Bakugou had enough, why can't they see it, stupid Deku. a person ran into Bakugou's shoulder "Hey, moron look where you go" Bakugou turn around to look at the person. when Bakugou took a good look at the stranger "Hey, I said--. But he didn't have time to finish what he wanted to said, the stranger had opened a portal of some kind, and it took Bakugou. What will he do in a whole new world? @foxinthewind's THE F*CK IS A AVENGER?!! (My Hero Academia X Marvel Crossover Fanfic) Is the inspiration to this story, so go and look at that story, I really like it so I hope you would take a look. BUT on to my version of this crossover. P.S. The picture is NOT mine, if I ever have some of my own pictures I will tell you all

Chapter 1

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Bakugou i...
by Gelatina_Elemente