I'm not afraid of y...
By onebooklover1
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'Do not be afraid of the monsters, make them afraid of you.' Skylar Smith, gang leader, murderer and so much more you can call her. She is the most dangerous person in America if not the whole world. She isn't afraid of anything at least that's what she makes people think. When she moves to a new school, a few incidents with the town's bad boy, a couple of deaths, and a lot of violence, will all of this pull her and the notorious bad boy, Cayden Black closer or just further away? Cayden Black, gang leader of the second most powerful gang after Skylar's. Typical bad boy, does drugs, hooks up with girls, gets into fights. He takes interest in the new girl at school, it was just something that drew him towards her. Will he get to know her secrets that are darker than you can imagine? ------------------------------------------------------------------ I am currently rewriting the entire book therefore it will take a while for all the chapters to be up, but yeah, please read and tell me what you think, I can handle some criticism. Cover by the amazing @letsjam8 Started 06.06.18 I believe. first draft ended: 01.05.19 1st edit; ?????

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I'm not a...
by onebooklover1