The Run Away Girl |...
By chickenyourass
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Your mother was outstationed, and your step father was at work . Leaving you and the complicated guy called Jerry who was also your step brother at home. "Baby sister, are you in your room?" You heard his voice echoed from outside your room. You put your phone on the bed after texting him to come because you know Jerry going to act weird again. 'Even though I don't believe in God, but if You do exist, please help me get away from this guy.' You sat on your bed with cold sweats running down from your forehead. The footstep stopped, and you heard a knock. "I'm coming in." He twisted the door knob but the door was locked . "Get lost, Jerry." You said loudly as you quickly stood up, terrified and was about to go crazy from fear. The door suddenly unlocked and was opened slowly, Jerry revealed his smiley face. "Babygirl, don't be scared." He walked to you in slow step, attempting to calm you down but instead made you even more frightened. Your hand shivered, taking a few step but your back hit the wall behind you. A chuckle left his mouth, trapping you with his arm while looking at you with his happy face. "What do you want?" "Why asked if you know the answer. I want you, Y/n." He touched your chin with the tip of his index finger, and leaned in to kiss you. You shut your eyes tightly while tilting your head to the right. He stopped and chuckled again, "The more you resist , the more it excites me." He whispered. ___ What would you do if your family is complicated and you cannot handle it anymore? In Y/n's opinion, running away is the only solution. As she ran away with no planning, she suddenly got into a big mansion with a heavenly scenery. Can you guess who was the owner? It's owned by a godly-looking man named Jeon Jungkook with mysterious thirst for blood . Want to know more? Read the book and find out the story ~

Sister Complex

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The Run A...
by chickenyourass