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"It could be worse." Steve tries to calm Tony down, "I'm not going to hurt her, Tony!" "Say that to the hole you left in my ceiling, Rogers." Tony says unforgivably. Tony's laser beam soars towards Steve. Steve jumps over the couch, shield in front of him, and he goes to duck the beam, but he's too weak. The beam hits the shield and bounces back at Tony's suit. They both go flying backwards. Addison sonic screams out as the room becomes covered in dust. Tony stands and makes his way over to Steve, whose up against the wall with his shield laid down beside him. The super solider doesn't even reach for the shield, just waits for Tony to blow one last blast. "Daddy, no! I won't date him anymore!" Addison's voice breaks. Steve shakes his head at Tony. "Tony, you won't kill me." "Oh really, Capsicle? READY. AIM. FIRE!" This is an original fan fiction story that I'm writing! I do not own the Avengers characters and I got the Title from one of Ironman 3's songs from the soundtrack. So I give credit to Marvel studios and Stan Lee for the amazing Avengers movies. And I also give credit to Imgine Dragons, my favorite band, for writing an amazing song! I give partial credit to Teen Wolf for Lydia Martin as well! But Addison is my original character! This takes place after IRONMAN 3 & THOR: THE DARK WORLD and right before CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLIDER. Please like and comment my story, thank you so much lovelies!

Chapter 1: Escape

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by kTBrooke1