Anastasia Udinov
By LeahForShort
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Anastasia Udinov Stasia for short is the older sister of Alexandra Udinov Alex for short.When Alex was thirteen and Stasia was fifteen their family home was raided her father and mother killed. Being rescued by one of the agents of division the Udinov girls were sold into sex trafficking. Unlike Alex Stasia didn't resort to drugs right away and didn't practice her English as much. Eventually Alex and Stasia were spent two years apart. Alex and Stasia reunite when they are both ready to infiltrate Division. Alex has grown stronger and more outspoken. Stasia has become more deadly along with other tricks up her sleeve. Both of the girls were recruited by Nikita to help infiltrate Division but neither find out until they're activated for their first mission. Alex and Stasia aren't as strong as they appear to be. They are human beings who were dealt a crap hand in life. The newfound information the two Udinov girls are a force to be reckoned with. Division has no idea about the storm that is about to arrive.


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by LeahForShort