Beating Heart
By BlueJay3
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Ana's life changes perspective when at her thirteen years of age she starts growing wings on her back. This odd situation leads her to meet Abson, a sarcastic old man, who will teach her how to be what she was always meant to be: a Cydra. The mission of a creature who's main purpose lies solidly on the protection of human kind and conserving life is suddenly thrust into her hands. Three years have now passed, Ana is a fully developed Cydra now. She has learned and trained with Abson for the last few years. She finally feels like she is doing something right and fitting in her own skin, when her best friend comes back into town. Seth returns running on all fours, with a secret of his own. He's been away training to be a Werewolf leader, where his family legacy lies. Soon enough his Alpha will come and settle into town, they will be running three states filled with Werewolves. Apprehension fills Ana as she realizes she will be living right next to one of the Werewolve's capitals; which unlike human capitals, are small towns, where they can settle down, build huge pack compounds and do big-ass reunions without getting noticed. Seth and his Alpha's new home is only an hour away from the city and Ana's house. And no Werewolf can find out about her. Werewolf packs are connected, despite the fact that some don't like each other very much their society forces them to report relevant news to all packs and Leaders. So if any Werewolf were to know about a long lost specie of the children of the Angel suddenly re-appearing within their territory they would feel the uncontrolable need to tell their Alpha and therefore everybody. Because what if this creature is dangerous? What if it is stronger than them and could kill them all? Humans aren't the only ones who are afraid of what's different. Werewof paranoia and controlling nature could only lead them to do something pretty drastic about Ana. So, yeah, hell would break loose. Or not?

Chapter 1

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Beating H...
by BlueJay3