Angel of the Shadows
By rxby_l
  • Fantasy
  • amnesia
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"Since the birth of time, Angels and Demons roamed the Earth. Kingdoms stand their ground amongst the death stained land, determined to defend against the evil of mankind. Humanity are corrupted by greed and lust for power, desperate for the gifts we were born with. The battle will end with the Prophecy. Created from the holy light, a child will be born with the power of the Gods . The leaders of the Kingdoms will kneel before them as their saviour. When the day arrives, they will wreck havoc amongst the Earth. The Siege of the Fallen Angel will come to an end with humanity destroyed." ---------- When your memory has been wiped, who can you trust? At the age of 15, Aurora woke up in the hospital from a month long coma. Everyone was shocked, a miracle at how she woke up after what she endured. She only had the scars on her back, two patches of white plastered on her shoulder blades. Her parents were overprotective, not letting her out of their sight. Their bond was unloving, despite the fact that they were Aurora's carers. Those who come across her are intimidated, their minds clogged with the countless newspapers about her. Her eyes are like sapphires, captivating those who encounter her. Her pastel pink hair is soft as silk and her porcelain skin is just like snow. However, an event that reveals her true nature forces her into the world of powerful beings, who have been existing since the beginning of time. Their hope lies within the Prophecy, someone who will erupt chaos onto the Earth in a attempt to bring peace upon the sinning world. Aurora's hope is to find out what happened to her. Aurora's quest to find the truth and the worlds fate intertwine in a deadly dance of destruction. Sacrifices will be made, hope may be lost. Is it worth the pain to know who you really are? ---------- Highest Rating: #1 in 'Angel' #1 in 'Halfling'

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by rxby_l