The Number Ones: Fu...
By Tomura_Sass
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They stood on top of the world... "I hate this" Katsuki spat as he leaned on the edge of the metal wall, looking down below the city that he called home five years ago. "This?" Shouto asked, tilting his head on the side slightly. Rather confused. The blonde man growled at him, "This! Everything! Especially the three of us standing on the same wall!" he exclaimed before placing a tight grip on his gun, strapped on his belt. A burst of laughter came out from the shortest amongst the three. "Come on Ka-chan, we are standing on the same world after all" Izuku pointed out while swinging his legs on a hundred drop fall. Shouto only nodded in agreement. "Whatever..." Katsuki grumbled quite annoyed that the half and half agreed on his enemy. And, as if realizing it after a full ten second count. Katsuki turned his head on his childhood friend and frowned. "Also, stop calling me Ka-chan" he said. "Were already nineteen for goodness sake" Izuku's laughter rang on top of the wall, very pleasant and innocent. ------------------------- Book 2 of The Number Ones if you didn't read the first book, I recommend you check it out first.

Hero In Despair

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The Numbe...
by Tomura_Sass