The Bride In Black
By intoxicatedwoman123
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"You think you can help me?" She asked devastated "that man in the white coat can ease the pain inside me?huh???can he change my fate?can he make the man I love me? Not cheating over me?" She said as a tear slipped down her cheek while she pointed at the new psychiatrist I appointed for her "He's gonna give me shocks again" she said closing her eyes tightly my heart sank at her words I ran to comfort her ..she shrugged off my arm and glared at me "ALL I EVER WANTED WAS TO BE LOVED" Meet atarah hill the most friendliest girl in school the girl who made friends every where the girl who inspired everyone who has no become mad and is spending her life in the mental asylum Meet Sebastian Salvatore the guy with a rude attitude who is a billionaire and a business tycoon who loved a girl in highschool but never got along inside she shifted to some other city and he never loved anyone .. What happens when they meet . ???


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The Bride...
by intoxicatedwoman123