Lost Without You (V...
By FluffyMomentos
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"The space between us, made me realize how much I miss him.." It's been a few years after hearing about Shu's disappearance, nowhere to be found. Valt couldn't help the fact that he missed Shu, and hearing his name made his heart ache. "Where are you Shu, I hope your okay.." Shu/Red Eye, has been challenging bladders, defeating them with a cold heart. And he's been looking for that one person, to bring that warmth back. "I finally have the power I've always wanted.. But why do I feel so.. empty?" Valt and his friends decide to look for Shu, traveling across the world, to find him. "I miss him to much.. I think of him everyday. Is he doing the same?" Valt's heart beats for Shu, but knowing he's missing is gonna be harder for him and his feelings for the mysterious boy. "I love him. And I don't want to lose him again.." Will Valt and his friends find the prodigy? Will Valt be able to share his feelings for Shu? Will Shu's cold heart receive the warmth it's been needing? #1 in Shuxvalt


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Lost With...
by FluffyMomentos