A night of sin
By MiraHarlson
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(Very Mature content)"My soul wants you my body cannot resist it. My body feels a need to bind you to me, I cannot control it." (Lucius Vampire king) It is called a night of sin because it is that special night when a vampire first makes love to his soul mate thereby relinquishing all his inmost desire and passion. Vampires are drawn to strength and prey on weaknesses. That's how it has always been, that's how it was meant to be. Humans were nothing to them but food and they wanted to keep it that way, they loved it that way. When the King finds his soul mate and she so happens to be mortal the whole kingdom is thrown into chaos. This is the story of the Vampire king Lucius the sun of Apollo who was cast down to earth by Zeus and his mortal mate, Monica. It features, The war and trepidation that surrounds the vampire kingdom. The humans they love and the humans that love them. The werewolves they align and the alpha's that make terrible decisions. Even the witches that threaten to extinct vampires are not left out of this tale. This is a story of love and war and no one is bound to play fair. A fantasy with every fantasy! #12 in vampire #2 in werewolf #3 in paranormal


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A night...
by MiraHarlson