Tell A Tale: A Nigh...
By MiraHarlson
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"I must enter you now." he warned her begging for permission. He didn't want to hurt her. "By the great sun, it has never been like this." He groaned, as his cock touched the tip of her glistening core. "Never?" Monica asked, still in a cloud of her own desire. Her body had begun to writhe beneath his. Her sex smelled so sweet and beckoning. Lucius wanted to suckle her again going low but his other needs were too great. "Never." Much to his surprise, he felt his invisible binding tendrils release from his shoulders and arms, his legs, and every muscle in his body. He had felt this when he kissed her in the forest and when he was alone with her in the dining. Every time he saw her his body craved to be bound to her, there was no resisting it. "What is that sensation?" She asked. "Like fingers rippling over my skin." "The invisible binding ropes. I am so sorry, Monica. I have waited for you for such a long time a century to be precise. My body feels a need to bind you to me I can not control it." *** This is the story of the Vampire king Lucius the sun of Apollo who was cast down to earth by Zeus and his mortal mate, Monica. It features, The war and trepidation that surrounds the vampire kingdom after the king finds his human mate. The alpha's that make terrible decisions, and the friends that love beyond the ordinary. The witches that threaten revenge mixed with blood, and betrayal that is bound by pain and love. This is a story of love and war and no one is bound to play fair. But everyone must play.

Order of Series.

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Tell A Ta...
by MiraHarlson