The Compromise
By HouseOfJacques
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Two years ago, Karen had the worst conversation of her life. Her sweet little boy, Isaac, was diagnosed with Autism and Karen's life skewed sideways . She's a long way from the confident, post grad, and glowing new mom of her early twenties. Stressed, single, and mostly sober is the new norm. For Isaac's sake, she's hung on by a thread, but it's only a matter of time until it snaps. The day she loses her badly needed job, Karen meets new neighbor Jay, who expresses more than a passing interest in her. Kind, sweet, stupid hot (and he knows it), but most importantly, Jay appears to have infinite patience for both Isaac and the hot mess she's become. Karen wants more, for herself and for her son; she doesn't want to be defined by a label. With a little sarcasm, and a lot of compromise, Karen takes the frayed ends of her life and attempts to weave them together. She's not sure how, but damn, if she isn't going to try.

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The Compr...
by HouseOfJacques