The Arcbiter (Halo...
By BattleDroid1106
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Jaune Arc was the former leader of Team JNPR, and former student/hunstman of Beacon and now a Shipmaster of the CAS called the "Crocea Mors' Bane" and a Fleet master of his own fleet called "Arc of faith" accompanied by only five CSS. He was trained by a Zealot named Vuko 'Lokam. You may be wondering how Jaune held that position in the first place? Well let's find out! Before this begin this is my first story so expect a few grammar errors, and on the side note this story is inspired by an X reader made by SpartanII25, after reading his book "UNSC marine reader x RWBY" I got a huge inspiration by this, so I decided to make my own Halo x RWBY story. But this book is not an X reader, it's going take place where Jaune is transported in the Covenant. If your wondering why I choose the Covenant? It's because I've seen a few fanfics about Jaune being a spartan, but I wonder what happened if Jaune is in the Covenant ranks. There are some fanfics about Humans being in the Covenant Ranks so I decided to do the same...well expect this is about Jaune being in the Covenant. Well that's done let's begin this story :D Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Halo or RWBY or their characters, except the OCs Also, ARCbiter? Get it? It's in the title :D

Before we begin

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The Arcbi...
by BattleDroid1106