Mafia Date
By appleallegator
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.... "It was nice seeing you and all. And the date was amazing, but..." I fiddled withy fingers as I looked anywhere but him. "But?" His deep rich voice that sent chills through my body made me look him. "But we cannot have another date. I'm sorry. It was just a one time thing. Goodbye." I said and took a step back to turn. It's not like he was ugly or the date was crap. No far from it. He was enchanting in a way. Kept me interested in him but....he oozed danger, dark aura. Something malicious. And I steer clear of such guyz no matter how drop dead gorgeous they are. I turned to leave without waiting for an answer but before I could take a step, I was pulled as my back hit his chest. His warm breath tickled my neck making me shudder involuntarily. "Never turn your back on me, amore. You're stuck with me now. There will be no goodbyes anytime soon." He whispered in my ear before kissing the earlobe. A gasp escaping my lips. ................. .. Hailey lived with her mother with no knowledge of her father except that he was a bad man. Her life was going fine but they say you need to be careful what you wish for. Her life becomes roler coaster when she went on her first blind date. Her life flips...she discovers truth, secrets and her trueself....


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Mafia Date
by appleallegator