A ҍíӀӀíօղɑ?...
By childchills
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Highest rank-3 in Thriller. That day was not less than a nightmare.I was going home,when a black Mercedes car stopped in front of me with screeching noise of breaks, at the gate..I was shocked,afraid..many thoughts running through my head and suddenly i felt a pair of arms,encircling my waist ,my legs left the ground and I was being dragged forcefully.Next sec,i realised ,I was getting pushed into the car.. "Who are you?what do you want..leave me alone you freaking ba***rd.."I yelled " What's the hurry sweetheart,c alm down." Next thing I knew was, I was being pulled to be sitting on his lap..my eyes went full of rage but fear was dominant somewhere beneath.. "What the hell is this? I don't even know you..leave me now,let me go,i say.." I cried,shouted,struggled and even kicked my legs but my strength was nothing compared to his. "Dont struggle princess,it won't help..you are Mine,my love ,my obsession,my babygirl" he smirked..but I was left crying,crying out of my helplessness. *-*-*-* This is a dark love story of a Billionaire named 'THE NEIL JONES' of 25 living in Manchester, England.He is also an underworld mafia known for murders nd killings for a good cause(or his own benefits) what will happen when he falls for a sweet ,innocent girl studying at university? what If she becomes his only obsession.. this is tge journey of 'AVNI WELLS'..becoming Avni Jones because of a creepy stalkers obsession for her.. peek in, to read more...

A Day As A Nightmare

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A ҍíӀ?...
by childchills