The Selection [s.m...
By Camilaheartache
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[i take no credit for the idea of "the selection", it is a book series by kiara cass. i fully recommend all 5!] camila turns 17, and is now forced to begin the selection. a competition, where 12 possible prince consorts arrive to her palace. she must eliminate them one by one, and then she can decide which one of the princes she wants to marry. that will also be the man that will help her lead Antopia. camila has been trained her whole life to be a Queen, and she does not need a prince consort by her side. but the selection is only a distraction made by her father, to keep the people of Antopia from knowing that there might be a war coming. and suddenly, camila is forced to be a distraction in the public eye, and forced to find a husband. she can decide not to, but to please her father, a wedding is expected. but what happens when a prince from an important possible alliance in the war, arrives to the palace, and camila is forced to speak to him, by demand of his father? will she still want to be regent on her own? or will she actually find love in this crazy selection? {a story on max. 20 chapters atm}

rules for the selection

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The Selec...
by Camilaheartache