The Filmmaker's Dre...
By Harshimusle22
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"I'm not an actress. I'm just a scientist. I don't even know how to stand in front of the camera. This is overwhelming." Shubha complained. "None of the famous actors we see today, were superstars by birth. Keep trying. You are improving. Concentrate on your training" said Vikram, encouragingly. Before Shubha could thank him for his kind words, he said, "Your performance doesn't matter as long as I win The Best Director award for this film." He winked at her, while she glared at him. ---***--- Vikram Varma, a superstar, is burdened with the glorious purpose of finishing his father's dream project after his death. He reluctantly agrees to direct the unfinished film. But a new problem arises when one of the lead actresses quits. He finds her replacement in Shubha, who happens to be a disgraced scientist, in search of a new job. Will they succeed in making an excellent film? Or will they end up failing horribly? Join Vikram and Shubha in their humorous journey where they take up responsibilities they never thought they would, and strive to achieve their goals. Cover by : Radhika402 Highest Ranking : #1 in filmmaker, #1 in stardom, #2 in director, #6 in film


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The Filmm...
by Harshimusle22