Like Any Other Girl...
By FrncsMalig
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Elena has two years of highschool left. Last two years for her to change her mistakes and make up for them. Like any other highschool girl, she has a story. Being the ex girlfriend of the school's bad boy has it's downfalls. She knows she can't do anything to change her past, so she changes her present. When the new guy comes crashing in her life, with all his handsome glory and sweet lines, her plan to change becomes fuzzy. She had no plans to fall in love, again. It will hurt, and it will only add to the blemishes she already has. Elena Gray's heart is full of guilt, but the guilt will be the one that destroys her the most, and not love. ⚫⚫⚫ "We all fall in love with the bad boy. That was my mistake. Since the bad boy brought me with him in his downfall." -Elena Gray (The Girl) "Let me help you. You're scarred and confused, and it's okay. Let me help you accept that it's okay." -Maven Stone (Her Savior) "I didn't make you do all those things, Elena. You chose to do it. It just so happens that in that night, I wanted more but you didn't want to give it." -Ethan Bay (The Bad Boy and Ex)


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Like Any...
by FrncsMalig