Wickedly Yours [REW...
By queen_of_sass
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|| Historical Romance I Yours Book 1 || || Editing I Rewriting || When Blake Cavendish, the heir of the Marquess of Alton, asked Sophia Brighton for a place on her dance card, she never imagined that penciling him in would change her life forever. What started as a respectful request, ended in a scandalous affair that London simply can not forget. As the years pass by, Sophia spends every waking moment trying to leave the gossip behind and salvage what is left of her reputation. Just as the incident finally seems like a distant memory, Blake comes barreling back into her life. However, he's not there to sweep Sophia off her feet as he did once, oh so long ago. Instead, he's there to court her younger sister, Colette. Thrown into a situation where they have to face their hearts, desires, and dreams, it is a catastrophe at its best, waiting for a chance to blow apart. ▶ Started: May 26th, 2018◀ ▶Completed: October 27th, 2018◀--> currently rewriting the whole thing. ● can be read as a standalone ●

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by queen_of_sass