Family Fortunes. A...
By GaryDorking
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Question: Who's going into the woods to find the thing that dragged a polar bear through the bars of its cage, by its head? Answer: A psychic, armless woman and her equally psychic, frumpy friend; a nutter with a knife, two white witches, a pair of vegetarians, a bogus reporter, three antagonistic youths, and a huge man who can only make raspberry noises... They have very different reasons for doing so. Death, monsters, arguments, discoveries. It's ugly fun. A completed novella with all parts available. A well thought out horror/ comedy, with mysterious twists and turns and some very odd relationships! 2680 words approx. The birth of the story: I was on lake Windemere in a boat, when I saw a big shape on a small island. I have no idea why, but I imagined Beryl, a small frumpy older lady saying, "Derek, what's happened to you?" and the lump saying "Don't look at me, mummy!" I started writing that evening, in a bar with a view of Windemere.

1. From Bad to Badder

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Family Fo...
by GaryDorking