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By LainelleRaine
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[English] It was supposed to be fate that brought the young miss of the left prime minister, Xuan Lian, to the arms of the third prince, Zhao Liwei. Both share the same fate of being unfavored which made the third prince madly obsessed with the young miss. But Murong Jiayi is unwilling to let them have their happy end. She was only reading a book, and being the sheltered young miss of the right prime minister, she failed to realize the book she's reading contains the happy romance of her fiancé and the young miss of the left prime minister. She's indifferent to the story, but she's willing to try if she can play against the fate written in the book. Even if it means facing the thousand plot twists and the main conflict. Note: it's somehow like those otome games stories with protagonists that are supposed to be villains. Disclaimer: pic is not mine, and anything else posted in here.

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