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By famlove360
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Adelina Gutierrez a young 17 year old that lives in the 'bad town ' or some people called it the hood . Every body in her town knows her and adores her with some few exceptions. Adelina dosent have her parents , you see wen she was younger her mother abandon her in a gang house. Nobody knew who was her mother but they knew that she wasent from this side of the tracks . The gang couldn't take care of her so they found a nice lady that will raise her kindly Nobody messes with Adelina first because the even again gang and that side of town adores her , you mess with adelina you mess with the town. Adelina was a smart child, she was the smartness out of all the kids in the town 1# all the kids in the town dint bother to go to school 2# she love to learn . She learned a few thing from the gang how to fight , pickpocket and how to use daggers. They thought that one day she would leave to the other side of the tracks. ♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡ Andrew Jackson young 18 year old , he is the most feared gangleader in the continent , he lieved in the other side of the tracks also known as the north. He was your high school player he an his most trusted man. Robert Washington, Gerald Nickelby , Tyrone mills and B.J Carson were his most trusted man and friends. He was feared by the north but he keep his town in good shape , his rival gang was the south or lile the north kids know it the hood . He would do anything to bring the south side gang down . When south side high school Richmond has finally got into the championships and was going against his high school San Francis, he is hooked with a girl a outcast out of all Richmond students , first he ignored his feelings for her but wen the gangs have a ramble and try to protect her , he sees this as his chance to weaken the south . Will he fall in love with her ? will she ? Or will she hate him forever?


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by famlove360