The Fashion Designer
By KahnaKahn
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Sitting down on the soft king size mattress I ran my fingers threw my hair in frustration and undo the first two of my buttons while removing my tie when a very angry Dana stood in front of me. Her hands on her hips, "What the hell Michael." I raised my head to look up at her. "How could you? At my wedding. You humiliated me." Standing up I pulled her closer to me, "I'm sorry." Is all I could muster. "You're sorry! You called another woman's name at our wedding, and not just any woman my sister and all you could say is your sorry." What else is there to say. "Tell me Michael did you sleep with her." Her question baffled me. How was I to answer. My face probably had guilt written all over. "Michael, you did!" I didn't answer and she took that as a yes. "At least deny it please." Her sobs only made me feel regret. "Hit me, punch me, slap me I don't care. I deserve it." Dana took that opportunity to throw slap after slap when she suddenly flinch. "Is that..." Slowly she pulled back my collar, "Take it off." "What?" "Your clothes off now." In a haste Dana removed my clothes only to find evidence planted on my chest and neck. Scratches and bite marks. "You, had sex during our wedding." I could hear the shocking gasps in her voice. "Tell me Michael, when, was it before or during." I couldn't lie to her I didn't want to lie to her, "Before and during." I answered truthfully. "Michael Black, how could you. How long." "How long what?" "How long have you been sleeping with my sister." **************Warning for mature audience only*******************


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The Fashi...
by KahnaKahn