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By TrashBiz
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HIGHEST RANKING #1 in XReader [12/23/18] #1 in izukuxreader [12/23/18] #1 in myheroacademia [12/23/18] #5 in midoriyaxreader [12/23/18] --- "Why do you think I'm here, Izuku?" "To heal me?" "No." "Why then?" "I'm here to take a kiss from you." It was unlikely for a healer to be stubborn and cold, given the nature of your grandma, Recovery Girl who was pretty caring and kind. Although your words weren't the nicest thing to hear, for him it was melody from an angel. After advancing and skipping several grades, you graduated from a private tutor that was hired for you and got your work on U.A. You became a nurse and sidekick and rookie hero for your own grandma under the name of Seraph, the Angel Hero. It's not that you had a halo or wings, but your hands that can heal wounds and injuries. Although you can heal using your hands, just like your grandmother, the effect is much stronger if you kiss the injured individual. Though the method that was mentioned was something you avoided to do, because of an unbreakable promise you made to your parents before they died. A promise that you broke for him.

|1| The Most Unlikely Angel

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Bliss of...
by TrashBiz