End of the road Pt...
By Mrs_MachineGun_
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I sat there in my satin silk dress at a table filled with obnoxious people. The people around me were even more annoying along with that my feet were killing me from these heels. I got out of my seat and was headed for the door, I think J.T would understand, this was all just to much noise and way to many people. But then I stopped dead in my tracks. It was him. He was walking into to J.Ts girlfriends birthday party. My heart stopped. I hid behind the door man while I tried to catch my breath. But that didn't go so well cause here came JT. "Sis!! Come here!" I was out of hiding and being dragged into the party with my hand in my brothers. Fuck.

Chapter 1

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End of th...
by Mrs_MachineGun_