A Traveler's Burden
By AmosAMess
  • Science Fiction
  • aftermath
  • antibioticresistant
  • apocalypse
  • completed
  • death
  • dystopian
  • family
  • future
  • horror
  • infected
  • infection
  • isolation
  • kinda
  • love
  • new
  • platonic
  • post-apocalyptic
  • postmodern
  • postsociety
  • sci-fi
  • shortish
  • survival
  • surviving
  • wattys2018
  • zombies


Several generations after the fall of society, the infection still runs through the human race. Those infected typically locate near the City, which is where the supplies are. When Norman goes to get supplies, he becomes infected. Now he must live with what little time he assumes he has, and live with the mistakes and regrets he made throughout his life. -Bad description, I know. This is one of the first things I've written in some time. It's basically the story of someone who actually gets infected during an apocalypse. I totally could use some advice on this, so if anyone has any grammar fixes or just overall ideas for things that would be great. Now completed. First few chapters are rough, but it gets better.- Best Rank: #11 in Isolation (7/28/18) #3 in Kinda (7/30/18)

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