You Capture Me (Ser...
By MalditadiAsh
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Mahiru, a simple 16 years old kid who just felt lonely being alone. He was hurting without his Mother, with his father abusing him Mahiru Wishes, to have somebody with him. To have someone, so that he won't be lonely. Ash, a Vampire that lives indark forest. All he wanted is to be alone and to be left alone with his video game and him. Thats all he wanted, but itseems his Annoying Brother keep bothering him to go out, interact with some humans, have friends. Why would he need friends? They are annoying. All he wanted is to be alone and that is, is it wrong if he is gonna ask God to Make all of his Brothers disappeared? One day, His brothers manage to get him out of their home. They went walking and Ash bump into someone who he thinks The most beautiful person in the world. Would he like to be alone? Alone with the person he just bump? Or.... Be alone himself? And Oh, This is involved Kuromahi lawlitch Tetsono Oc x Tsubaki And other made up characters. Note: I do not own the Characters of The anime Servamp nor the cover photo.I just got it in the google. Warning: Yaoi, and some Wrong Grammars here and there spellings too Boy X Bot love, Don't like it Don't read it .


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You Captu...
by MalditadiAsh