Ellie is Cool Now [...
By victoriaandfaith
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☆ 2018 WATTY AWARD WINNER: THE HIDDEN GEMS!!!!!!! ☆ A TOP WATTPAD PICK: FEATURED IN MILLENNIALS & MAYHEM ☆ #1 in romancestories ☆ #2 in contemporary ☆ Ellie Jenkins did NOT peak in high school. She wasn't a cheerleader or a band geek, a class president, or a lead in the high school play, and she wasn't voted most likely to...anything. She was just an outsider in a sea of insiders. An invisible girl with a desperate crush on a boy who hardly knew her name, blah, blah, blah... High school stuff. Cut to ten years later, she's living her dream (sort of) as a TV writer in Los Angeles, on a hit show about the cool kids from high school, and all that pent up frustration is starting to affect her career. When an invitation arrives announcing her ten-year high school reunion, her showrunner makes her an offer: Go to reunion weekend and accomplish a complicated list of challenges or lose her big break forever. She takes the bait and returns to the prison of her adolescence, reuniting with lost friends and missed love to prove once and for all that Ellie is cool now. New chapters added every weekend!

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Ellie is...
by victoriaandfaith