Winter Love (Jelsa...
By xFrostedSnow
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Elsa and Jack have same powers.What if destiny meets them ,they might have an outstanding stuff that they never knew.Would ELSA accepts JACK'S LOVE?during her tough situation ..??.A year before elsa hit her sister on the head.He met a boy whose name is Michael Smith a.k.a. pitch black. When they are kids elsa and michael are very close to each other.Michael promised elsa that he will love her forever and ever.Then years pass elsa never seen michael again,rumor said that michael has been taking by the nightmare.Thats the day when michael been pitch black .. When elsa hit her sister,anna.Elsa promised herself that she would never hurt anna again.So she hides it.Thats the night when jack frost cames into elsa's life.But when pitch finds out jack and elsa are being close to each other.Pitch is jealous ,so he cast a curse to elsa, when elsa would be a queen fear will be taking control of her forever.Would there be a happy ending between the situation of jack and elsa ? COPYRIGHT 2014

Chapter 1: The Past

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Winter Lo...
by xFrostedSnow