The Side Effects of...
By Cinder221b
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Werewolf attacks on muggles were rare and unfortunately, muggles hardly ever lived through the attacks losing too much blood before help arrived. A bittersweet miracle occurs when muggle boy Keane Maven survives. His father is thankful for the man that appears to save his son's life after he nearly bleeds out on his bedroom floor, only nine years old at the time. However, while the case is rare in itself, it only gets stranger. Keane is to live with lycanthropy for the rest of his life, but they weren't expecting him to show signs of magic as well. Moments of accidental magic occur within the household, but Keane's name is not on the list written down by the Quill of Acceptance that writes the name of every magical child down at the time of their birth. Curious to see if the accidental magic is only a side effect of the bites, Keane is taken to Diagon Alley to retrieve a wand, a test to see if he actually possesses magic. No one really believes a wand will choose him, but the unbelievable happens: a wand does choose him. With no other choice, Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts is called for a favour.


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The Side...
by Cinder221b