Gift of the Fox
By TamunaTsertsvadze
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In the kingdom of Wanglong, slave girls work in the royal palace. Tamie Beanson, Tiegan Brown, and Liz Schettner are close friends with each other. They serve as water-maids in the palace and occasionally do some other work. They get to contemplate the life of seven princes - the sons of the emperor. Tamie has a crush on one of the princes, and wishes to get closer to him - Wang Shao, the most mysterious of the seven. But as she is only a servant, she gets no chance to get closer to the boys. Furthermore, she is a woman, and women servants are regarded as even lower than men - the men servants sometimes get to become the princes' personal attendees, aiding them in hunts and battles. One day, Tamie rescues an injured fox from being captured by the princes, and her friends help her get the fox back on her feet. Sad that she is unable to reach her sweetheart, Tamie goes alone in a forest to lament and dreams if only she were a boy. After she makes this wish, her friend fox from before appears and breathes at her while she's still asleep. Later when she wakes up, she feels she has somehow changed. She crawls up to the river and discovers what the change actually is - she looks into the water, but it reflects a boy... -- The Kindle version of the book is available for $0.99 on the link: -- The paperback version for $8.70 can be found on the link:

Chapter 1: The Water-maids

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Gift of t...
by TamunaTsertsvadze