By Chance ... You F...
By Stin_Mon
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"Survive till university, ha?!" I spout out sarcastically. "I don't think we'll last till the end of the week." I look down at Ming who is sprawled out on the floor of his room. I've never seen my best friend look so emotionally and physically drained. I'm sure if I look in the mirror I'd see a similar site staring back at me. How did things go so wrong, so fast ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yo and Ming are watching as their lives crumble before their feet, with no sign of a way to put it back together. They have been best friends since kindergarten. They are now in their senior year of high school, and they were enjoying it to the fullest. There was no warning . As fate would have it they both lost everything... At the EXACT same time! Can a new encounter direct a better course for these boys lives. And will they be able to trust these new feelings or let this Chance for a better life slip away ... (This is a PhaxYo , and MingxKit story. However, I will be adding BeamxForth later on. I'm going to try and keep as many characters from the original story as I can. Adding CROSSOVERS of other Thai Bl series throughout!! This story is completely fanfic, so the story will be drastically different. Don't hate me. *Credit for characters go entirely to Chiffon_cake. I also don't own pictures. Thanks for reading ☺️) *DISCLAIMER: This FF is purely for my own satisfaction and for viewers entertainment. ❤️ I have not nor will I be receiving any monetary compensation for this story. If requested by the original author to remove this story I will do so without question. -first upload: 05.25.2018

Introduction! (Edited!)

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By Chance...
by Stin_Mon