Shadow Road: Book 1...
By AEPennymaker
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Brenorra Warring's father is going crazy. That's the only conclusion Bren can make when a fire destroys everything they own, and his answer is to take a job in the uncivilized Coalition Colonial Region on the other side of the ocean. Then disaster strikes again. Her father is lost at sea, and Bren is left with nothing but the clothes on her back, the things in her father's satchel, and the discovery that he has been lying about his reasons for leaving. When more of her father's secrets come to light, it becomes clear that someone powerful is killing innocent people to keep those secrets hidden - and they are hunting for Bren. As the only person alive who can figure out what her father knew, Bren is pulled into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse by two very different men. The first has been tasked with finding her and keeping her safe, and will do anything it takes to bring down the shadow organization stalking them, no matter the cost. The other is a formidable fighter who has been branded a wanted man by the enemy, and who has dangerous secrets of his own. With hundreds of lives hanging in the balance - including people she has come to love - Bren must solve the trail of coded messages her father left for her. The only rule to the game: don't get caught. [Longlisted 2018] [Featured on Wattpad's Wattpad Picks List, Sept-Oct 2018] [First Place in the Adventure Category in the One Million Project Awards, 2018][First Place in the Pen and Ink Awards, Summer 2018] [Tridents Award 2019 Winner][Featured on these Ambassador Profiles: Adventure, Adult Fiction, Mystery]

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Shadow Ro...
by AEPennymaker