Winter Flame
By allnzisa000
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Storm Winters is the strongest person you would ever meet, mentality and physically. Storm grew up with her sick dad when her unfaithful mom walked out on them when she was 6. Leaving Storm to look after her younger brother. Her very sick dad passed away 6 years later and since he is gone, she has to make money to only way she knew how, street fighting at a young age, I the process she seems to attract trouble. After going in and out of foster care for the next six years she gains custody of her brother and moved to New York where the biggest street fighting ring is.Now 20 years old she is undefeated and broken, with dark secrets running after her and a dangerous mafia don forcing his way into her life. So why would a very rich, sexy,and dangerous Luca Díaz walks into her crazy life? Will he make it better or worse? Will her past come back to haunt her? -------------------------- A/N: So this is my very first story so excuse me if I make any mistakes, trust me I will. I have big plans for this story and if you do decide to give this story a shot I hope you enjoy. :) My story's have violence, detailed sex and fight scenes, and cussing. If you can not handle that then this is not the story for you. The characters will speak different languages in this story I speak two languages which are Spanish and English. So sorry if there is something wrong with the other language. I will put the translation after it too. DISCLAIMER I do not own any of the photos and please DO NOT copy my story, thank you.

Part 1: The New Beginning

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Winter Fl...
by allnzisa000