Hearts of Stone
By Wimbug
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[Full rewrite coming 2020] Tragedy has struck the kingdom of Iride. The crown prince has disappeared and rumors claim pirates have taken him. But, even if the news is tragic, nothing changes for Kay, a girl from a small town, with her nose always buried in books. Her financial troubles and the unrealistic expectations of her father remain a depressing issue that has her family on the brink of starvation. When in order to save her father, she becomes the unwilling prisoner of a cursed beast, the running of the kingdom becomes even less important to her. Until she finds herself entangled in rogue politics and magic use. Because the Beast is guilty of more than misuse of magic in a kingdom that has expressly forbidden it. He holds a secret that could be the undoing of the entire country. And for Kay, knowledge opens a door to a life where she is so much more than just another bystander. A life she never thought could be. *Beauty and the Beast retelling* Fantastic cover by @pennywithaney

A Brief History of Magic

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Hearts of...
by Wimbug