Letters From An Adm...
By straw_berry_xxx
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At the young age of twelve, Riley Summers witnessed the murder of her mother. With her father not even in the picture, she struggles to fight against the haunting nightmares that never cease to leave her alone. Jane, along with her husband, took in the orphan and loved her as their own. Riley still had a family, but it's not the same without the comfort of her mother. When the notorious bad boy, notices her, but not for beauty, he makes it his mission to take a peak through her walls and possibly completely break them down. What he doesn't notice is that he left a small window open for Riley to also climb in. But another situation forces itself onto her. Out of the blue, she starts receiving anonymous notes. Will she cope with all of this in her life? ______________________________ This book is cliché, yet not so cliché at the same time. Expect some twists. I try to edit every chapter so please excuse grammar mistakes. Please give this book a chance but if you don't like it, don't read it. DON'T PLAGIARISE!


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Letters F...
by straw_berry_xxx