Unsettling Events
By -DragonTamer-
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Princess Atamar has always grown up being the best. Of course, it wasn't of her choosing. Every teen in the kingdom, including her closest friends were forced to make sure Atamar always won their games, had higher grades, and was better at everything. The princess absolutely resented it. This, is why she withdrew from the annual scarf race the teens participate in every year for her birthday. The scarf race was when all the palace teens would ride their mounts (whether it be a dragon, unicorn, Oliphant, or Pegasus) and race for the honor of sitting next to the princess during her birthday meal. But when the race comes to a close and her family leaves, Atamar is left to deal with the coming suitors and the plans for the next scarf race all by herself. When her parents stop sending Atamar letters, she becomes worried. What if something happened to them? Atamar realizes that she no longer knows who she can trust... except for her closest friends. Will she have to take matters into her own hands? What will happen to her parents? Is Atamar getting herself into more trouble then she can handle? Read this story to find out...


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by -DragonTamer-