If This Isn't Love...
By DJBiancafrost
  • Romance
  • bet
  • challenge
  • deceit
  • hurt
  • love
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  • stupidity
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If This Isn't Love djbiancafrost Samantha Yvette De Plaza is the only daughter of a politician who owns almost half of their province's land. Nick is the son of the De Plazas' cook. When the young Samantha and her friends thought they could use Nick for a good challenge to make him her supposed debut's last dance and then to stand him thereafter in the middle of the dance floor, they weren't ready for any consequences. 10 years after, the table is now turned. A couple of graft & corruption cases after, losing the re-election and sickness & death after for her father and Samantha is no longer the same young and rich girl anymore. She will try her best to get hold of the last thing her family has left for her, their ancestral house even if it meant getting into the end of the ruthless Bank owner's trust. But what will she do if she would find out that Nicholas Marciano is Nick, the boy she made fun of when she was young and now the cunning, hard-nosed rich guy who will come back not just to buy her house but her life for his own desired vengeance? Radio story is available in my website www.biancafroststories.weebly.com

If This Isn't Love Synopsis

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If This I...
by DJBiancafrost