Hearts In Chaos
By Warranj
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Fifteen-year-old Shellie is stubbornly in love with the snobbish and serious Vincent-the man she calls her first love. But can true love overcome first love? ******* At the age of fifteen, Shellie Elise Trajano can already define her feelings for Vincent. She is head-over-heels in love with him despite knowing that he doesn't like her back. Shellie strongly believes that one day, Vincent will return her feelings. However, everything changed when Vincent fooled her and played with her feelings. Years later, Vincent returns with the realization of his real feelings towards the sweet girl. He discovers that the reason for his return is already in love with someone else. And worse, it was his best friend making her heart beat. Did his love arrive too late? Cover designed by Simone Northey

Hearts In Chaos

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Hearts In...
by Warranj