Reincarnated?! And...
By Loner_Wind_Dragon
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Tsunayoshi Sawada or Tsuna for short died regretting that he didn't get to protect his family and failed to bring back the way Vongola was supposed to be.. But what he didn't expected was when Kawahira or Checker Face decided to reincarnate Tsuna and co. In the time of Vongola Primo as girls?! But for Chrome's case she'll be a guy?!....well except for a certain spartan tutor. But for Tsuna it didn't matter as long as he can still live with his family but not all only a selected few and that is: Tsunayoshi Sawada Gokudera Hayato Yamamoto Takeshi Sasagawa Ryohei Bovino Lambo Hibari Kyoya And a certain pineap- *ahem* Rokudo Mukuro and Dokuro Chrome Cavallone Familia Boss- Dino Shimon Familia Boss- Enma Kozato The Spartan Tutor from Hell- Reborn or Renato Sinclair Will Tsuna and co. meet Primo and the others? Read to find out😉 WARNING: May have some OC and some OOC. And some 'colorful' and 'beautiful' words from some of the characters in khr😅 Slow update.....? FirstGenerationxTenthGeneration Disclaimer: KHR is not mine, Amano Akira does!


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by Loner_Wind_Dragon